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  • Our Company

    Standing for originality and leverage, we assist companies in overseas expansion, market entry, setting up, government grants, serviced offices, customised market research, local representation and appointing for distributors/franchisees in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Our Consultants

    In each country, we have local consultants with vast and varied experience from 10-25 years. This local knowledge places us in a better position to advise you on local differences in regulations, cultural or business practices in overseas markets.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients come from a variety of industries, including Fashion, F&B, Retail, Fitness and Health industries. Our Australian focus concerns food and construction. From market research to sourcing for overseas partners, to establishing an overseas presence (ie. flagship stores, franchisees, distribution networks), we can be your comprehensive one-stop-shop.

  • Updates

    NEW Killiney Kopitiam Shipment

    Looking for something authentic and caffeinated for your Christmas gifts? It’s our pleasure to introduce Killiney Kopitiam beverages!   For

    NEW Home’s Favourite Shipment

    Have you found your holiday gifts yet? Have a different Christmas this year! Get your new Peranakan Tiffin tins! These

    Partnering with Chefs

    Since 2021 to present, we have partnered with celebrity chefs, local popular restaurants, and hotels to innovate new dishes using

    Digital Shift

    2019 to present: Training the next generation We have created a social media department made up of young entrepreneurial individuals

    New Products During Covid

    The Pandemic has been a challenging time for business and everday life, but all of us must continue to pushing