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NEW Home’s Favourite Shipment

Have you found your holiday gifts yet? Have a different Christmas this year! Get your new Peranakan Tiffin tins! These come in Blue and Pink, generously stocked with 3 layers of exciting flavours – Lychee, Orange Walnut, Pistachio (Pink tin) and Lychee, Durian and Cranberry (Blue tins). Their Traditional Pineapple tarts are also very popular around Chinese New Year! For 10% off store prices, head to IGA Thai Kee (Sydney), Good Life Foods (Canberra), Ipoh Town (Sydney) and Inka (Canberra) for Corporate and Singaporean discounts today. Find other retailers at https://www.google.com/maps/d/edithttps://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1FU4DymhAjM-QGPq1nOQiLU1ELLucsEY&fbclid=IwAR1Q72wcGKUhL4T7cGd3JWhVYgJGc9Fj5woV9c56pwDkLyj9hR8Qh9hwcxQ&ll=-34.63114478512266%2C150.12896075&z=8, or purchase online today at https://www.asiansavoury.com.au/ and https://ebest.com.au/.

For the Singaporean discount at a participating store, please contact:

IGA Thai kee – Alan, Daniel ((02) 9211 3150 (Syd)

Ipoh Town (York street) – Billy – 0411462123

Inka – Royston – 0450105009

Good Life Food – Daniar 0422261115

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