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O&L Consultancy are proud to have been included in some reputable press and media.

Publications and media exposure

  • INSPIRIT – How Asian CEOs Inspire Action From The Stage (2014-2015) (Singapore 2015)
  • Distribution Channels to SEA Food (FDA) (2014) (Canada, Switzerland, Germany)
  • Switzerland Global Enterprise – Expert Directory (2013) (Switzerland)
  • Distribution Channels for cosmetic, fashion, food and setting-up in China.

  • OSEC Swiss Business Hub Pool of Experts – Expert in Southeast Asia (2012)
  • Tong Garden Success Case in China (Singapore) -Our company was mentioned in this video(2012)
  • Pearlie White’s Success in their overseas Ventures (Singapore) – our company was mentioned in this video (2012)
  • Q&A for Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia (2012) (Website of government associations and O&L partners)
  • Eton house Success case in China: Referral to O&L (2011) (Singapore, China)
  • Distribution Channel Analysis for Convenience Food in China 2011 (Singapore 8 Jul 2011)
  • The Straits Times (SME Highlights) Featuring O&L consultancy (Singapore January 2010)
  • e Zaobao (联合早报)  Featuring O&L Consultancy (Singapore December 2009)

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