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Our global expansion company has served as a comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for many of our clients, right from serviced offices and work spaces to customised market research, to setting-up flagship stores, offices, distribution networks and franchise networks in overseas markets. Many of our clients approach us after initial difficulties in overseas expansion.

Our Services include:

  • Customised market research
  • Localising product, prices, and distribution channels
  • Promotions and product launches
  • Sourcing for distributors
  • Office space and warehousing

What we do?

  • Assisting restaurants to make shelf stable or frozen products to enter supermarkets
  • Offering warehousing or back end office spaces to e-commerce companies
  • Making social media promotions for new products entering Australia and Singapore from overseas

Assisting traditional Singapore-Malaysian coffee (Killiney Kopitiam) to enter Australian supermarkets via customized market research and appointing distributors

New Updates

  • At O&L, we’re excited about our successful creation of ready-to-eat pack crafted for the Western market. Watch out for it in the supermarkets. Once it is ready to launch , we will reveal the brand name!!!
  • Our team coordinated with local and overseas contract manufacturers, retail chains and distributors to bring this vision to life. We carefully balanced appearance, taste, and flavour of the dumplings to perfection. We try to create shelf stable product that is as near as the restaurant product. Extensive coordination, food tasting, discussions were held to ensure mutual satisfaction with the final product.

Little Shop

At O&L, we’re excited to announce the successful launch of Little House! Our team worked tirelessly to liaise with shops, coordinate with distributors, and make necessary preparations for clients both locally and overseas.

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