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Who we are

O&L Consultancy Services started in Munich, Germany in 2003. We have established ourselves as an overseas market entry specialist. With our well-proven track records in the retail chains (Fashion, F&B, Spa) and FMCG industries (manufacturers), we have successfully helped many of our clients, especially small and medium-sized companies to establish their global footprint. Today, we have expanded our offices and partnerships to various countries including:

Germany, Singapore and Australia(2022).

Working with us

A total and comprehensive approach to your overseas expansion is adopted to assist you in your market entry and distribution. These range from assessing the suitability of your product, market research (to gather customized market intelligence in the overseas market), protecting your intellectual property to actually introducing you to local distributors and partners in overseas country and assisting with on the ground marketing. Outsource your Marketing to us TODAY!

For clients who are already in the regional markets, our services would enable you to change your distributors, conduct on the ground B2B or B2C or be your on the ground marketing team

Our people

Our people are the foundation of our success and we share the passion of seeing our clients succeed overseas. We have assembled a team of dedicated and highly experienced consultants, armed with about ten to twenty-five years of industrial experience and each having their own field of specialization. Being locals in the countries we are based in, we are in a better position to advise our clients on local differences in regulations, cultural or business practices in these markets.

Ensuring Your Success

Through the years, we have also built up a firm knowledge of the distribution network for each country, shortening the time needed for our clients to bring their products and services into various countries. Tapping into market research experience, together with our expert local knowledge, we have equipped our clients with information that has helped shorten the negotiation cycle and successfully close business deals.

We are able to do the actual distribution ourselves for selective products