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Network and Collaborations

Additionally to our offices, we have strategic alliances with a network of associates. This includes distributors of food and beverage, garments, freight companies, customs, department stores (chains), shopping malls, law firms, bankers, audit firms, real estate companies and other consultancy firms.

In 2022, we built more networks in Australia. We have expanded our networks from retailers and distributors to include retail chains, lawyers, accountants, logistic companies and warehousing/e-commerce companies. To cope with our increased clientele, we have expanded our surveyor team in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Our goal to improve our services as overseas consultants and better serve the needs of our clients has led us to constantly seek collaborations and partnerships with key business entities in the countries that we are active in.

Some of our strategic partners:

  • Law firms such as HJM Law Asia (China, Singapore)
  • Accounting firms such as PKF Accounting (Australia, Singapore)
  • Distributors such as Chun Shing (Australia), DKSH (world wide)
  • Major retailers such as NTUC (Singapore), Costco
  • Freight Companies such as Logwin(world wide)
  • Copywriters such as Proof Perfect
  • Shopping centres such as Plaza Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Real Estate owners such as QIC (Australia)

Please reach out to our friendly and professional team to discuss being part of out network.


In addition to our 500 associate companies, we have worked with government associations and trade commissions such as Enterprise Singapore, Austrade, Switzerland Global, Canadian Trade, and the Singapore Business Federation.

Some Governments and Associations we work/have worked with:

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