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O&L values each and every client we work with. Our business expansion service is a helping hand for your brand and we are delighted to be part of your growth journey.

In 2014-2017, O&L started taking overseas directorship in listed companies including Yamada Group (Indonesia), Tong Garden (China), and Del Monte (China). From 2018 to present, we also take local representation in Australia.

With more than 400 clients, some of our selected clients are as below:

Clients’ comments

“O&L has assisted us to expand our restaurant business to the “ready meals” market and assist in the creation of our new menus. Nick, Dumpling House (Australia) (2022)

O & L has provided us with resourceful and insightful knowledge of the Australian marketRaymond Tan, Home’s Favourite (2021)

“We had a very good B2B event at the InterContinental Robertson Quay Hotel, thank you for your support on the ground. As Singapore will be in our plans for the next year again, I am sure there will be more chances to cooperate”. Dinko Colak, Canberra Business chamber (2018)

“O&L assisted us to localize the product and find a distributor for us. The flyers and instragram they did for us look great!” Joyce, Managing Director, ILC Bah Kut Tea (2019)

“O&L assisted us well in Singapore and provided us with useful contacts.” Ben Dawe, Learnosity (Sydney, Ireland) (2020)

“O&L’s services have added tremendous value since 2006 to present(2013) and provided us customer service insights that in turn help us commit wholeheartedly towards serving our customers.” Mr Tan Vui Ming, Director, CITIBANK Singapore Limited

We’ve had a very good experience working with O&L in China and have benefited much from the study conducted by them.” Mrs Ng Gim Choo, Eton House 

 Garment Industry – Retail

Talks/Workshops – 2011-2022

  • ESG and IPI organized event: Australia Internationalization Workshop (Teams meetings, Zoom meetings) (2022/2021)
  • Food events in Sydney and Canberra to promote our clients’ products (2019,2020)
  • Canberra business chamber (2018)
  • Renewable energy hub and ACT government (2018)
  • ANU Seminar -About O&L Consultancy, Distribution and Overseas internships and Opportunities (2018)
  • ANU Seminar – O&L consultancy & Distribution Challenges & Solutions in Asia (China, Indonesia, Singapore) (2018)
  • Export council of Australia – Distribution Challenges & Solutions in Asia (China, Indonesia, Singapore) (2017)
  • CBRIN, lighthouse – Venturing to Asia (2016)
  • Lighthouse, CBRIN – Develop your Global knowhow in a competitive market (2016)
  • ANU (Australia): Consumer Trends in the food industries in Asia, 2015
  • ANU (Australia): Career talk about O&L, 2015
  • SICCI, IE Singapore: Distribution in Indonesia, 2015
  • LSC Capital networking – Distribution in China (2nd and 3rd tier cities), 2015
  • SMU – Consumer Trends in Retail in South East Asia, 2014
  • SME Centre@SICCI – Expansion to China: Marketing Practices and Business Cultures for SMEs, 2014
  • LSC Capital Networking – Recent Opportunities And Challenges In Indonesia, 2014
  • IE Talk – “Overseas Expansion for SMEs’, Expansion to India & Indonesia” by Human Touch and O&L Consultancy 2013
  • International SME Exhibition 2013
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce & HJM Asia(China) – Outsourcing in China 2013
  • SMU – Welcome to “Doing Business In Indonesia”, 2013
  • SPRING SPORE – Invited as organizer for APEC SME’s Local to Global Indonesia International SME Exhibition 2013
  • SingCham(China), IE (China) – Problems regarding sourcing for Distributors in China’s 2nd tier cities
  • Alliott Group (UK) – Asia Pacific conference in Bali, 2012
  • HJM Asia & American Chamber of Commerce (China) – China Market, 2012
  • SMU – Doing Business with awakening Giant, Indonesia, 2012
  • SMU – Entering China Market, 2012
  • •       Networking Lunch with BKPM (Investment Board of Indonesia) – Doing business in Indonesia, 2012

O&L’s Selected Credentials

 Garment Industry – Retail

  1. Zodiac: Expansion to Indonesia from India
  2. M)phosis (Singapore): B2C Research (Surveys and Focus Groups) in Singapore
  3. Utopia: Singapore-Australia (Perth) and China (Shanghai), Market Research + Sourcing of Franchise system
  4. Southaven: Singapore and Malaysia, Sourcing for Franchisee
  5. Newbie: Singapore-Indonesia, China, Australia, Sourcing for distributors
  6. Prada: Singapore, China Mystery Shopping
  7. SEA – Redina Pte Ltd: Hush Puppies Apparel, Levis Underwear, Dockers Underwear, Jockey Underwear, Distribution platform and website for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia + mystery shopping in Malaysia
  8. Ensign Ties: Australia and China, Sourcing for distributors in Australia and manufacturer in China
  9. Coast: Clothing in China and Indonesia, Distribution alert system and sourcing for distributors
  10. Gabriella Fashion Accessories: Australia, Sourcing for distributors in Australia
  11. September Wolves: China, Sub-contract for Market research in China
  12. Joe One: China to Germany, Distribution Alert system
  13. Euromonitor, IESINGAPORE, AC Neilson, Austrade, Matrade, German Chambers of Commerce (IHK-Singapore), MOFCOM (China): Market research / reports and Information papers
  14. SEA – EUT Pte Ltd: Blush, Jimmy Dexter, BUM equipment, Arrow (Market Research, Fashion reports and Mystery shopping)
  15. Thomas Pink: Indonesia, Setting-up + B2B Research in Indonesia (project was terminated half-way due to M&A activity by the holding company in SEA region)
  16. NavExpress: Australia, Sourcing for retail stockists (for garments) in New South Wales
  17. Walking Culture: Indonesia, Expansion to Indonesia
  18. Lenggor Manufacturing Sdn Bhd: Malaysia, Sourcing for new brands entering Malaysia (on behalf of client)
  19. Osmose: China, Market research and introduction of distributors
  20. Sheerblu (Oops underwear): Indonesia & Malaysia, Distribution into Indonesia & Malaysia (Metro, Guardian etc.)
  21. LaSalle Workshops: Expansion to overseas countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, China
  22. Talks & Seminars held for the following companies:
    • Bysi, Chaos, Sense, Frontier, AMCO jeans, Fila, Singapore Shawl, Saint Rolane
  23. Talks & Seminars, Workshops targeted at garment industry in association with:
    • IE Singapore, SBF, SCCCI, German chambers of Commerce, Aprindo (Indonesia) & SMA
  24. Country road: Australia, Market Research
  25. FJ: China, Market Research

Food (Retail/package food) & FMCG industry

  1. Homes Favourites – Entering Australia and regular local representation
  2. TSK (Kang Kang) – Entering Australia  and appointing retail chains
  3. Dumpling House (Australia) – Customized market research, menu, developing a new line of ready to eat meals for supermarkets. Interstate expansion.
  4. Killiney Koptiam – Customized market research for new line to supermarkets.
  5. Deeks Health Food – Entering Singapore via market research and sourcing for distributors
  6. ILC bah kut tea – Market entry to Australia and appointing distributor in Australia. Local representation
  7. Snap Snap  (JV HF and Nestle) – Market research
  8. Mr Popiah – Market entry to Australia and appointing distributors
  9. Hiap Noodles Pte Ltd – localization of products, sourcing for distributors and promotions after product has entered
  10. BHF Pte Ltd – localization of products, promotions to local retailers and sourcing for distributors
  11. Bosch household Appliances – visual merchandising
  12. Shaw Vineyard (Australia) – expansion to China (distribution introduction only) and assistant them to go to Singapore (2018-2019)
  13. Pristine Cereal (Yogood cereal bar) l: Sourcing for distributors for cereal bars in Indonesia
  14. Sin Hua Hock Kee: Distribution to Indonesia
  15. Fellowes, Inc. (Singapore): Evaluation and sourcing for distributors for stationery in Indonesia
  16. Pristine Cereal (Yogood cereal bar) l: Sourcing for distributors for cereal bars in Indonesia
  17. Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant – Sourcing for manufactures and B2B distribution. Advice on overseas Incorporation.
  18. Socos AG (Subcontract from Switzerland Global), B2B Market research on interested distributors for their products in Indonesia
  19. PT Galenium (High-end beauty products): Indonesia to Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, B2B & B2C Market Research  
  20. Clever Age (Hong Kong) (Market Research on Wine industry in Singapore
  21. Laponie:  Market Research and incorporation in China for high end cosmetic products
  22. UniFood (Unisoy) Singapore: Market Research + Distribution to China
  23. Kis Horvath Istvan: Sourcing and introduction of distributors for pretzel
  24. Corlison (Pearlie White): Sourcing for distributor, incorporation and market research for Oral care brand from Singapore to Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia
  25. Del Monte: Manufacturer of processed food (B2B, B2C Market Research sourcing for distributor in China
  26. Amoy Canning: BPOM registration in Indonesia
  27. Breeks!: Sourcing for franchisee in Singapore and Malaysia
  28. Seoul Garden restaurant (Singapore): Sourcing for franchisee
  29. Hall mark (Chinese name – An li jiu, 84): Disinfectant brand from China to Indonesia
  30. Nestle – Indonesian MR and tagline for Maxmil (subcontract from Whizword)
  31. Travel Pac (Singapore): Preparation of business plans to Indonesia including incorporate and trademark advice
  32. Pho Hoa Vietnamese chain: Market Research and sourcing for franchisees in Indonesia
  33. Nutshell: Distribution to Singapore
  34. Auron (Goyji Pte Ltd): Germany to Singapore
  35. APR Market Research Co. (Taiwan): Subcontract for aquafood and other research in Indonesia
  36. Jorubi USA: USA to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
  37. Singapore Manufacturing Association: Market Research reports + seminars to members in the industry
  38. Nandos: Expansion in Australia, Melbourne, Sourcing for other food brands to Australia
  39. Midom Pte Ltd: Takahi brand of slow-pots. Singapore to Australia, Malaysia. Export Coach) . Incorporation advice in Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia.
  40. Matrade:  Market Research reports
  41. IE Singapore: Food and FMCG reports for its members
  42. Canadian High Commission: Food and FMCG reports for its delegates for FHA 2014
  43. Euromonitor: (subcontract for B2B aspects of Food reports for South East Asia and Australia) 
  44. Fantasy Gallery: Condom distribution to Singapore
  45. Tong Garden: Sourcing for distributors in China, Indonesia. Incorporation in Indonesia, BPOM, ML in Indonesia. Changing of distributors in Indonesia
  46. Tasty Food: Mr Café, Celebrex – Singapore to Indonesia
  47. Rinda Sdn Bhd: Sweets feasibility studies for Malaysia to Germany
  48. MCH Sauces Sdn Bhd: Distribution for curry fish head from Malaysia to China (Guangzhou)
  49. Government Associations: Purchase of Food Reports (IE Singapore)
  50. Kosher Check (Canada): Sourcing for companies wanting to export to US and Canada and needing Kosher certification for their food related products
  51. Hop On Service: Market Research (Park Manufacturing, Polar Puff and other food related companies from Europe)

Building Industry & Others

  1. ACT Renewable Hub – Weekly export talks in the hub
  2. Canberra business Chamber and Austrade – assisting Australian delegations to Singapore
  3. NTUC Little Skool House
  4. Learnosity (Ireland)
  5. NTUC learning hub: China on the ground services
  6. Tilt Skylight Australia: customized market research in China (2017)
  7. Polystone: Entering the Australian market (2017/2018)
  8. Wollemi systems: Customized market research
  9. Baby Sensory (UK): Sourcing for potential franchisee in Singapore (2014), Indonesia(2015)
  10. APEC SME business matchmaking (2013/2014)
  11. Yamada Consulting Group (Japan): On the ground marketing, seminar organizing in Singapore and Jakarta.
  12. NTUC First Campus (Singapore): B2B & B2C Market Research in China (Zhuhai)
  13. APR (Taiwan): Subcontract of Market research for interviews on Mitsubishi automobile parts, gas barrier co., sun roofs, Aquafeed in Indonesia
  14. Mandarinakids (Singapore): Evaluation and sourcing for distributors for educational materials in Indonesia
  15. SPRING Singapore (APEC SME 2013): Business matchmaking in Indonesia for education and clean/green technology industries
  16. IE Singapore (Export Coach, Purchase of Reports and Market Research workshops)
  17. ZF SEA (German automobile firm): Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia Market Research
  18. Multi Touch (Finland): Sourcing for distributors in Indonesia
  19. Blaz Water ionizer (Korea): Sourcing for distributors in Indonesia and China
  20. Barter Exchange (Malaysia): Market Research + Sourcing for partners in Indonesia
  21. Lucidity: Subcontract of Market research for Frasers Centre point malls
  22. Permasteelisa (Engineering Contractor): Setting up in Indonesia
  23. Teho Wire ropes (Singapore):  Research, Networking + Setting up in China
  24. Sin Lian Seng nuts & bolts (Singapore): Sourcing for distributors in Indonesia
  25. J&P building systems (Germany): To Australia and Indonesia – export coach. Advising on distribution and incorporation related matters
  26. Dixon Pipes & Valve Pte Ltd: Research, translation + Setting up from Australia to China
  27. Swissco: Russia/Singapore to Indonesia, Sourcing for distributor
  28. Landolt: Swiss building material co. to Singapore, subcontract from Swiss Embassy
  29. Citibank Singapore: Market Research or Mystery shopping
  30. Etonhouse: Feasibility studies for expansion within China (Changzhou)
  31. Clifford Thames: Market Research for Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan etc (subcontract for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysian automobile)
  32. CKS (Singapore):  Sourcing for distributor for 707, Champs water heater in China
  33. Expat magazine: Magazine for UK expatriates, Singapore to Middle East
  34. Long Heng Sdn Bhd (Malaysia): Sourcing for customers for Forks & Spoon Company in Singapore
  35. MOFCOM/ Public Works department of Anhui province business mission (together with ACCI): Organizing trade missions/networking sessions with business groups and government agencies in Malaysia, Australia and Germany
  36. Simply Speaking: Sourcing for customers in South East Asia
  37. Walton Land Banking: Sourcing for corporate clients in Singapore and Indonesia
  38. Linda Seck Fengshui: Sourcing for clients in Singapore
  39. Atlantis: Feasibility studies for UK Theme Park to Singapore
  40. Amore Spa (Singapore): Expansion to Malaysia and China
  41. Picket & Rail (Singapore): Sourcing for suppliers
  42. Tokyo Acorn (Japanese consultancy firm): Subcontract for Automobile Market Research for Japanese and European brands (e.g. Honda,Suzuki) in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
  43. AC Neilson: (subcontract) Fashion/food reports – Australia, South East Asia
  44. Hoestar Inspection: Consultancy Service for Setting Up of office in Indonesia
  45. Intage(Japan) – B2B research (Subcontract for aircon and others)

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