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Our company has served as a comprehensive, “one-stop shop” for many of our clients, right from Service Office and work spaces to customized market research to setting up of their own flagship stores / office / distribution networks / franchise networks in overseas markets.


By incorporating our services into a comprehensive consultancy package, clients have been able to reap the benefits that synergy brings. An example of this synergy is using information gathered (e.g. overseas distributors’ pricing structure, proposed franchising fees etc) from the initial market research to close business negotiations with potential overseas partners.

For overseas ventures to be successful, we firmly believed in providing our clients with a holistic framework, partnered with key market information and intelligence that helped to minimize risks and ensure a well-integrated market entry into any overseas markets.

Primary Services:

  1. Customized Market Research
  2. Business Matching / Sourcing for Overseas Partners
  3. On the ground marketing
  4. Workspace/Meeting rooms/Service Office in Australia (NEW)

Secondary Services:

  1. Incorporation and de-registration(China)
  2. Seminars/Workshops