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Market Research

We provide you with customised market research tailored to your products and industry, including

– B2B market research
– Consumer behaviour studies
– Evaluation of market potential
– Market entry strategies
– Tax regulations
– Local laws
– Distribution channel analysis
– Other factors of concern to your business, while planning for expansion or consolidation.

In addition to the above, we also interview local businesses and positions that you are not able to reach out to, for example, Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Tapping on our humble beginnings (2004-2006) as a sub-contractor for major market research companies like AC Nielsen, Clifford Thames and Euromonitor International, we have been doing direct customised B2B research for our clients, who are expanding overseas since 2006.

7 Benefits of Market Research

  1. Understanding markets
  2. Understanding competitors
  3. Understanding consumers’ behavior and preferences
  4. Access to vital business information such as retail value chain
  5. Brand perception
  6. Calculation of FOB Prices
  7. Aid in closing business deals

“O&L has provided us with very useful information for our market research in China” – Mr Kawamura, General Manager, Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd

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